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Cambodia Advisor offers a quick and easy way for you to register a legal company in Cambodia. Our simple off line company registration information service can facilitate your tasks of registering a company in Cambodia. This makes your life easier when starting a business in Cambodia.

Most communications through our provide service and effectively instant. All information relevant to this matter is available at our office base in Siem Reap, Cambodia. You simply complete the company registration form and our professional staff will answer your inquiries personally.

When registering a company, whether for yourself or a client, make sure that all the company's documents are only used in registration process by the reliable and legal helper.
If you are interested in starting a business in Cambodia, you need to have a proper business license from the Ministry of Commerce and we can help. We have helped many already...
To register a company in Cambodia, it will require Principal Owner/Share Holder(s) to be in Cambodia for about 3-5 working days subject that you provide us needed data and get approval first please find below information

Step 1:
Company Name Search for availability, there are few places to be searched and it will take about 5 days. Once confirmed that the company name is available, step 2 is taking
Step 2:
Getting Documents prepared for filing and signing (About 2 to 3 days).
DONE – Wait for complete documents and certificate to be delivered, usually two weeks. You need not be here to pick up documents, your representative or we can keep for you.
Below are documents needed by the Ministry of Commerce to register a company in Cambodia.
  Forms from Ministry of Commerce to be completed such as (8 pages):
1. Company Registration Application (4 pages)
- Name of Principal Owner
- Name of Company
- Company Objective
- Form of Company (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited)
- Type of Company (Company, Branch, Investment, Representative)
- Address of Company to be operated at
- Capital Amount: Minimum US$ 1,000.00
1.      Application for Publication in the Bulletin (1 page)
2.      Declaration of non-civil servant and non-guilty (1 page)
3.      Receipt For Filing (1 page)
4.      Filer Declaration (1 page)
· Other Documents (you can bring following documents when you are here and while the rest can
         to be done here):
·         Photographs of Principal Owner/Shareholders: 3 photos each (4cm x 6cm colors)
·         Principal Owner/Shareholders’ Passport or Cambodian ID card: 3 copies each
·         Principal Owner/Shareholders Cambodian VISA (Business type): 3 copies each
·         Memorandum and Articles of the Company (There are some samples here and they
          can be reviewed when you are present for company registration. It can be done in Cambodia)
·         A Certified Letter of Company's Address in Cambodia (It can be done in Cambodia)
·         A Certified Statement from any Cambodian bank stating that you have a minimum
          of US$ 1,000.00 in your account (It can be done in Cambodia)
·         Signature of Principal Owner/Shareholders (Must be signed in front of Officials).

Service Fees:

 Fee – Total US$ 900.00
Our Services
Government related fees
Preparing Memorandum and Articles of Company
Foreigner can own 100% share of the company except a real estate related company.
Company except a real estate related company.
After you get a Certificate from Ministry of Commerce, you need to register your newly registered company with Department of TAX within 15 day. We can help you on this as well but it is a separate fee, which is about US$700.
Once your company name search is available and application is approved (about 5 working days), we will arrange an appointment date so that you can come and provide us above needed documents, prepare remaining documents and SIGN. This is all to it!