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Stung Treng’s Mak Praing (Marian Plum Tree) has a thin bark, a small core, and is sweet with light sour taste. The size of production is small and it is rarely seen in markets as most families cultivate it for their own consumption.
History: It is a forest species founded in the jungle of Stung Treng. According to the villagers the Marian Plum Tree was introduced to the villages in 1960s. In 1985, the villagers started to grew it on their own farm land.
Production size: 100 kg/tree.
Product Development: Stung Treng’s Marian Plum Tree is cultivated chemical free and could be presented at supermarkets or high class hotels in Cambodia in order to promote local products and generate income to the producers.

Pineapples in Stung Treng are a special species that have bigger size, large stripes and more meat with a strong and sweet taste. This honey pineapple is grown mostly on red soil and has a high weight of up to 8.2 kg/fruit. The farmers imported this pineapple species from Laos to reproduce and converted it into a local species before distributing it to other farmers.
Production size: cultivation area is 61 hectare. Yields are approximately 549 tons per year.
Market: Stung Treng, Kratie and Phnom Penh.

Visitor Guide

Stung Treng is a beautiful province located on a high sandy bank overlooking the Mekong River. It is about 455 km from Phnom Penh and some 40 km to the Laos border. This charming city is linked to Banlung (Rattanak Kiri) and is more than just a ‘stopover’. The Sekong Bridge, itself an attraction, serves as a convenient passage to the border of Laos.

There are several noteworthy attractions in the province of Stung Treng. The incredible Sopheakmith Waterfall never ceases to mesmerise visitors, and neither does the stretch of the mighty Mekong, which is home to the incredibly rare Irrawaddy dolphins.

The Thala Barivat is only 4 kilometers from the provincial town. This is accessible by crossing the Se Kong River. Thala Barivat is the historical site where the Preah Ko, a 7th century brick temple of King Jayavarman I is located. Preah Ko is consists of six brick towers arranged in two rows of three towers each perched on a sandstone platform. This is one of the earliest temples built during the Angkor era.

Here in the vicinity are a few other small ancient temples; the Prambuon Lveng Temple, Srei Temple and the Angkor Kmao Temple. The Hang Kho Ba Pagoda, a 300 year old temple in the Hang Kho Ba Village, is also only about 6 Kilometers from the provincial town and worth the while to pay a visit.

Stung Treng province is also famous for sweet tamarind Pa Si Yi fish, a local delicacy enjoyed by many tourists.