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Cassava is an agricultural product that can be processed into others products such as ethanol, animal feed, and cassava starch/flour for human food. Due to the high market demand cassava cultivated areas have been expanded from year to year, especially in Keo Seymar district.
Production: Cultivated area is 5,800 ha, yields are approximately 90,000 tons per year.
Market: 70% of total output is supplied to a cassava processing factory in Kampong Cham, 30% is exported to Vietnam.
Harvest season: January to April.

Honey season

oney is a special and unique product taken from beehives that the bee’s families eat pollen flowers tree in the natural forest. The best quality and good flavor of honey can be produced in dry season. Honey contains a high content of protein substance, sweet and good flavors used as a human food and effective remedy.
Production capacity: The average honey collection of a honey hunter is about 3,300 liters/year.
Honey collectors: There are 11 honey traders who formed a honey collector association.
Market: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.
Honey season: Dry season (January to April).

As the second most important crop after rice family-run farms cultivate crops such as peanuts, soybeans and mungbeans. These crops are gathering in Keo Seymar district, Mondulkiri Province.
Peanut cultivated area is 3,664 ha, yielding approximately 5,130 tons/year.
Soybean cultivated area is 2,631 ha, yielding approximately 3,600 tons/year.
Mungbean cultivated area is 1,200 ha, yielding approximately 1,500 tons/year.

Mondulkiri Province, located in the Northeast of Cambodia, has various ethnic groups (Khmer leu minority). Traditional jar wine of these minority groups is produced based in traditional way for many generations. This unique product is marketed especially for tourists at Or Romiss restaurant in Sen Monorom city.
Production capacity: Approximately 200-300 jar per year.

Visiter guide Mondul Kiri

To the south of Rattanak Kiri is Mondul Kiri, the most sparsely populated province in Cambodia, despite being the largest in land area. This province is known for its thickly-forested hills, verdant landscapes, and cascading waterfalls. Its capital is Sen Monorom.
Though remote, Mondul Kiri will awe visitors who make the trip with its otherworldly tranquility and beauty. To truly appreciate this province, one should arrange for a trek (or an elephant ride!) through the area's lush jungles to enjoy unspoiled scenery and the bracing fresh air, not to mention some of the country's most spectacular waterfalls.

Few visitors will pass up the chance to soak in the rare and dramatic beauty of a waterfall tucked in the thick of the Mondul Kiri jungle.
Mondul Kiri also offers a handful of unforgettable cultural attractions. Many visitors enjoy a stop at the Phnong minority villages where they can observe the rich culture belonging to local hill tribes. There are even opportunities to experience cultural community life on the edges of the forest through ‘home stay’ arrangements in the corridor zone of Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary and the Mondul Kiri Protected Forest.