Kampong Chhnang Province side for tours and invest, Import export

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Fresh water fish raised in rivers and lakes in Kampong Chhnang Province include many species such as Kray fish, Sanday fish, Domrey fish (elephant fish), etc. which are considered as “Grade 1” and have a higher price in international markets.
Production size: Yields are approximately 20,000 tons per year (during catching season).
Fish trader: Fish trading is done at around 40 different locations, average fish collection is about 80 – 100 tons/day. The volume of fish catch has decreased from year to year since 1993 to 2000. Market: Domestic market and export to Vietnam and Thailand.
Catching season: October to May.

Lotus kernels

Lotus kernels are a grain for producing desserts, lotus pastes and other food. Nowadays farmers grow lotus trees on lowland areas, farms, ponds or lakes.
Production size: Yields are 2,345 ton per year
Lotus traders: In seven different places lotus kernels are collected from the farmers during harvest season
Market: Phnom Penh (Oh Russey market)


Pottery is a common product in daily life for many purposes including clay pots used mainly to carry and store water, pot for cooking, furnaces, flower vases and artistic objects made from “clay” which is available in Kampong Chhnang Province since ancient times. The uniqueness of these materials comes from using clay as raw material for these pottery products. Later this area was named “Kampong Chhnang Province”.

Local pottery producers in Kampong Chhnang are skilled and benefit from knowledge and know-how transferred from their ancestors. Raw materials are available locally (clay). Other pottery products like porcelain can be produced in Kampong Chnang as well, however, the raw material needs to be imported from other provinces.

Assistance: NGOs, Cambodia Craft Cooperation and GTZ support villagers in Trapaing On, Banh Chkoul village, Khley village, Ar Leng village, Oh Kamnab village, Andoung Rusey village and Ksam village in Rolear Bier District in developing and upgrading their production and marketing.
Market: Domestic market, mostly Phnom Penh and Siem Reap
Product Development: With the assistance from NGOs and development partners and white sand from Preah Sihanouk Province, the traditional pottery products can be developed into new products with a high price use for interior decoration.

Visitor guide
Kampong Chhnang is a province well known for its fine clay pottery. The name of the province says it all in Khmer; Kampong Chhnang means "Port of Pottery". The people of this province enjoy making pots, vases and various others types of ceramics during the off harvest seasons. Interesting sights include two floating villages and a hamlet famous for its distinctive pottery.

The quiet village of Ondong Rossey, is where the area's famous red pottery is made. Almost every household along this stretch of about 7km ride west of town through serene rice fields dotted with sugar palms, is making some form of pottery or so. The pots, mostly unpainted but decorated with etched or appliqué designs, are either made with a foot-spun wheel (smaller pieces) or banged into shape with a heavy wooden spatula (larger ones). It is interesting to watch the pots being made.

A short boat ride from the waterfront takes you to two amazing floating villages; Phoum Kandal to the east and Chong Kos to the northwest. Many of the people here are ethnic Vietnamese. Here floating on the water, they have all the amenities a mainland village would have - houses, shops, vendors, petrol station and even a mosque.