Council for Land Policy

Duties and Mandates the Land Policy has following function and tasks:

  1. Initiative and pursuant to the request to Supreme State Reform Commission, project planning of work program and strategy for achievement of targets , organization , management and land distribution.
  2. To implement the directive that received from Supreme State Reform Commission in the processing the strategy and land work program.
  3. To release the decision and directive to the Ministries, institution, provinces Cities in the processing the land work program in the circle of personal authority.
  4. To coordinate with activities to ministry, all institution that concerned to land work program.
  5. Pursuant to the request the land policy to Supreme State Reform commission for asking the decision.
  6. Pursuant to the request to Supreme State Reform Commission, law project, administrative letter, and all measures that concerned to land work process.
  7. To coordinate with the way of state and International Aid for using of land work.
  8. To lead, management of training work and release public to all concerned institution, all people, especially land work.
  9. To make the report to Supreme State Reform Commission on the result of land work.