Set up a Small / Medium business in Siem Reap Cambodia

Choose the right finance when starting up
Decide what financing you need and if self-financing, whether bank, personal borrowing or investments suit you

Cash flow management: the basics
Neglect your cash flow and you risk insolvency - this guide takes you through the essential rules you need to follow
Grants: the basics

Finding a grant that suits your business and what makes a business eligible to receive one
Business start-up organizer
Compile a personalized list of starting-up tasks and access resources to help you complete each one
Identify the right finance options for your business
This interactive tool provides you with a personalized list of the most suitable finance options for your business
Use your business plan to get funding
How to present your business plan to the right people in order to secure funding

Identify potential cash flow problems
Find out how to use cash flow forecasts and business plans to avoid financial problems
Avoid the problems of overtrading
How expanding businesses can match production and order cycles using gearing, working capital or quick ratio tests
Recover debt through court
Steps to take before legal action, including using solicitors, debt recovery agents and pursuing a legal claim

 Bank finance
Bank finance options available for businesses, their advantages and drawbacks, and sources of advice

Commercial mortgages and lenders
How to find a mortgage or broker to suit your business situation
Financing from friends and family
Looks at the pros and cons of getting a loan from friends and family and explains your tax position on repayments
nnovation, research and development grants
Overview of grants and other support available for research and development, and innovation
Business support finder
Search our database of business grants, loans, expertise and advice that your business may be eligible for