Meeting, Incentives, Conference & Exhibitions or Travel meeting

General term indicating the coming together of a number of people in one place, to confer or carry out a particular activity. Frequency: can be on an ad hoc basis or according to a set pattern, as for instance annual general meetings, committee meetings, etc.

Meeting event as part of a programmed which is offered to its participants to reward a previous performance.

Participatory meeting designed for discussion, fact-finding, problem solving and consultation. As compared with a congress, a conference is normally smaller in scale and more select in character - features which tend to facilitate the exchange of information. The term "conference" carries no special connotation as to frequency. Though not inherently limited in time, conferences are usually of limited duration with specific objectives.

Events at which products and services are displayed.
Support teams major language of interpreters 

As a result, the Industry is becoming much more active in increasing awareness of its roles in this regard and putting in place the structures and activities to support such initiatives.
Funny plus experiences, working group, display follow to your enquiry.
Be Incentive by live ban, DJ, concert, dinning at resort and remote temple with culture show.

We work with associated of local Event and international organizer such as TV, Lighting and sound system.