Import Export business opportunity in Cambodia

Import Export business opportunity in Cambodia
Import opportunity
As you know around 70% Import products from other countries such as medical, Housing furniture, TV vehicles new and second hand, construct supply, milk, spare pact, oil, cloth, machine, generator, office supply, mobile phone, tractor, Spa barber salon supply, hotel supply and much more…..
We assist you for resell within 25 provinces and cities unique modules market.

Export opportunity
We like to advise you the opportunity are agriculture products, because in this country is rich by agriculture such as rubber, rice, corn, soya bean, green bean, Cassava, sesame, pepper, sugar palm, Silk Handicraft, bamboo, spicy, tobacco, cashew nut, dry fish, Lotus kernels, Rattan Furniture, Silver Handicraft, Silk, Marine, Dried shrimps, Stone sculptures and much more….
All above product need to export, we can collect it by the seasoning.
We advise to set up the small and medium enterprise manufacture for produce and packaging and export. We can assist you within 25 provinces and cities unique modules how to collect it.

Both side that we can distribute it for selling in local market, as cooking oil, Juices, Food and drink, souse more....
Labor work working condition (please click on web menu)
Labor fee:
Worker $150/month
Worker supervisor $300-$400/month
Simple officer $300-$400/month
Simple engineering $300-$400/month
Admin, Accountant officer $500-$800/month
Operation officer from $800-$2000/month
Sell officer $300-$500/month
Sales & Marketing manager $1200-$2000/month
General manager $1500-$3500/month

Above number is not include with commission or bonus also depend on differences employee experiences and language 

The public holiday follow Cambodia Calendar
Electric 800Riel water supply 2000Riel per mk3