How can I do register my business in Siem Reap Cambodia

We provide you a commercial consultancy and company registration service with the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).

The following are examples of different types of companies that may require registration: import and export, wholesale and retail, warehousing, service industries, agriculture, health care, manufacturing, handicrafts, construction, transportation, hospitability industry, etc.

Business type: 
·    Sole proprietorship
·    Single membership private limited company
·    Private limited liability company
·    Public limited liability company
·    Others

We provide a full-service include with:  
·    Advise how searching your company
·    Business objective
·    Prepare the articles of incorporation ‚Äč
·    Company certificate by (MOC)
·    Official stamp of the company
·    Letter of registration confirmation
·    Free translation and interpretation of the above documents where needed
·    Include commercial and registration consultancy
full color of your passport or ID card
Two photo with size 4 x 6
Your last address detail
Your contact as phone and mail address
Your office address, If you don’t have yet we will help you to fix it out