Foreign owned company set up in Siem Reap Cambodia

How can my foreign-owned company set up operations in Cambodia?
  • Foreign Companies have three possible options for official classification: As a Subsidiary, a Branch Office or a Representative Office:
  • Subsidiary is possible only if your business is a limited and locally incorporated company with at least 51% of the shares held by the foreign parent company.
  • In order to create a subsidiary, a memorandum and articles of association must be provided thus ensuring the limited liability of the parent company.
  • A Branch Office is possible if your business is an extension of the parent company thus maintaining liability with the parent company.
  • A branch office may conduct business activities in Cambodia in the sectors in which it is registered.
  • It can buy and sell goods, sign contracts, build things, render services, and generally do everything that a regular Khmer business can do.
  • In this case the parent company is liable for all the branch’s debts and obligations.
  • A Representative Office, on the other hand, offers you a more tentative step into the Cambodian market, allowing investors to test the waters before committing fully.