Clean water supply business advises

Clean water supply business advises.
The opportunity to invest with water supply in Cambodia, seem the government need investor partners to support as public supply services. Many district and city still need clean water supply. This kind of business have to get approves by the ministry of industry and Handicraft.

The prices of government clean water is 2000 Riel per meter K3 = $0.50
This business take long term investment and return
The period to set up and installation from 6 to 12month it is depend of side of project 
Capital investment from $700,000.00 depend on project of that area

The procedures
Step 1:
Select cities or district
Research to get population of that area
Study of main water source
Step 2: Apply to authority of provinces to make sure that water not effect to other sources
Step 3: Open a company and register with Ministry of Commerce
Step 4:  Apply to the Ministry of industry and Handicraft to get business license
Step 5: looking for constructor
Step 6: Start up the project