Advise to set up a Spare Pact Manufacture in Cambodia

Machine spare pact

15 876 525 Current Cambodian population
7 771 833 Current male population (49.0%)
8 104 693 Current female population (51.0%)
Mobile phone
in one family they use mobile phone from 1 to 3 and business use up to 3mobile phone with differences Sim card

According to AKP report: AKP Phnom Penh, January 17, 2015
Last year, more than 320,000 vehicles were registered at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, an increase by 14 percent if compared to the previous year, according to the ministry’s report released recently.
During the whole year 2014, there were some registered 283,977 motorbikes, up 15.92 percent from a year earlier, while the number of registered cars and trucks was at 39,531, up 6.36 percent, it pointed out. In 2013, the number of registered vehicles was recorded at 281,951, up from 271,155 in 2012.
From 1990 to 2014, a total of 2,780,735 vehicles have been registered in Cambodia, of which 2,353,051 are motorbikes, said the report.
There are 1,761,415 vehicles are driving in Cambodia, most are motorbike (By Chea Vannak)
The above number are not include generators.

Advise to set up a Spare Pact Manufacture in Cambodia
The market sell in local and export

Labor work working condition (please click on web menu)
Labor fee:
Worker $150/month
Worker supervisor $300-$400/month
Simple officer $300-$400/month
Simple engineering $300-$400/month
Admin, Accountant officer $500-$800/month
Operation officer from $800-$2000/month
Sell officer $300-$500/month
Sales & Marketing manager $1200-$2000/month
General manager $1500-$3500/month

Above number is not include with commission or bonus also depend on differences employee experiences and language 

The public holiday follow Cambodia Calendar
Electric 800Riel water supply 2000Riel per mk3