Lease Agreement form


Lease Agreement
This Lease Agreement “Agreement” is made on 06 / June / 2017 by and between:
-    ............, holding Cambodian ID No18........., issued date:15 February 2013,
living at house No…….,Group 11, Wat Bo village,Sangkat Salakomreuk , Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap City, Telephone number 092 ....... hereinafter referred to as Party (A).
-    MR. .........................., Nationality: South African, holding Passport
No. ............................................ Issued date: 24, July, 2015, telephone number:+855........................................., Email: ……………………….., hereinafter referred to as Party (B).​
Both parties agreed with the following Articles:
Party (A) agrees to lease out the Villa to Party (B) and Party (B) agrees to rent the room No. 1 from Party (A), at building No…., Group 11, Wat Bo village, Sangkat Svay Dangkom, Krong Siem Reap, Siem Reap City, hereby mentioned as the “Premise” for  “Living”.
Duration of the lease will be for the period of 06 (six) month commencefrom 06, June,  05, November 2017 with the rental price of $120 (One hundred twenty US dollar only) per month.
Party (B) will pay to Party (A) as below:
3.1.     $120 (One hundred twenty US dollar only) as 01 (one) months deposit and will be given to Party “A” on the signing date of this agreement. This deposit will return to Party (B) at the end of the lease agreement. Party (B) must completely pay the bills of water, electricity and other service utilities and other damages (if has) before moving out.
3.2.     $120 (One hundred twenty US dollar only) is the first month rental fee will be paid in advance on the signing date of this agreement.
3.3    Then, the following payments will be paid on 6th of every each calendar month no later than the 7 days. 
3.4     In case Party (B) misses to pay the rental fee up to one month (or thirty days) period, then Party (A) has the right to terminate the agreement automatically and the deposit will not be refunded​ to Party (B).
4.1    The contract will be terminated on 05, November 2017.
4.2    At the end of the agreement, the mutual discussion will be made by both Parties whether to terminate or renew the agreement by providing 01 month written notice in advance.
4.3    If Party (B) wishes to terminate the contract before the specified duration of the lease, Party (B) needs to provide 01(one) month written notice to Party (A) and the deposit will not be refunded.
4.4    Party (A) has no right to terminate the agreement before the expiration date if Party (B) doesn’t break any article of the agreement.
4.5    Party (B) cannot use the premise for any illegal activities or serving to political party and all activities that against the law of Cambodia caused by Party (B) in the premise shall be Party (B)’s responsibility.

    Party (A) shall provide the water and electricity system for the use of Party (B). But these utilities such as water and electricity shall be paid by Party (B) according to the bills provided during the lease period start from 06, June, 2016
All building renovation is Party (B)’s responsibility with the prior approval of Party (A) in advance.

7.1.    Party (B) shall control and maintain the property as well as all the equipment and furniture provided. Any damage caused by the negligence of Party (B), it has to be responsible.
7.2.     At the termination of the lease, Party (B) will return back all equipment and furniture listed in the inventory to Party (A) in good condition, except normal wear and tear.
7.3    Party (B) shall take responsibility to settle any damages in case there is a fire happen from the leased premise caused by the negligence of the living. However, if the fire is caused by the neighbor it is not the responsibility of Party (B).

Article 8: Transfer or Sub-Lease

8.1.    During the period of leasing, if Party (A) wishes to sell the house, the new owner must agree with the terms and conditions of the Agreement between Party (A) and Party (B) until the end of the Agreement and the new owner must be introduced to Party B.
8.2.    Party (B) shall not sub-lease or transfer the Property to a third party unless there is a prior consent from Party A.

Article 9: Taxes and Duties

    Party (A) has the obligation to pay 10% Monthly tax and Yearly Property tax (if has) as required by the laws of Kingdom of Cambodia.
The two parties must abide by all the terms and conditions of the agreement. Both Parties agree to try their best to settle any conflict of, difference in interpretation, and breach of the lease contract through negotiation and mediation. However, if it cannot be solved in one month, both Parties agree to bring the issue or case to the court of Cambodia. The Party found breach the contract shall be responsible according to applicable law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.
Party (A) has the right to enter to the house during the period of lease to inspect the house by​giving Party (B) one day notice before entering.
Both parties have read and agreed all the conditions and signed in front of Witness and the Chief of Commune without any enforcement.
This Agreement shall come into effect from the date of its signature and made in 03 copies; in English. Each copy has the same value in Cambodia law.
    This agreement is kept in the following places:
-    01 copies ( 01 in English) are to be kept at the Party (A).
-    01 copies ( 01 in English) are to be kept at the Party (B).
-    01 copies ( 01 in English) are to be kept at the Witness.