House lease agreement form


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This Agreement is done on 28 / March /2018 between:


          -Mr. A , Date of birth: 01/02/1974 ,Male, Nationality Khmer, holding a Khmer ID Card Nº:18...., Registered dated: 22/May/2006  having present address of #62-64 (Previous house No.673), Group2, Tapul Village, Sangkat Svaydongkum, Siem Reap District/town, Siem Reap Province.

Hereafter referred to as Party “A”.



Arunnotey Spa

Represented by Mr. Arunnotey Spa

 ,  Nationality: Australian, Passport No:  M18 /,  Date of issued : 28 / August / 2008. Hereby referred to as Party “B

Both parties have agreed to rent house under the Articles, Terms and Conditions

of the following agreement:

Article 1 : Rental Objective

Party “A” agreed to rent a concrete house building with three floors with #62-64 (Previous No.673) Group 2 to Party “B” to run the business which is located in, Group 2, Tapul Village, Sangkat Svaydongkum , Siem Reap Town, Siem Reap province for the period of 03 years rental starting: 15 May 2018 To: 15 May 2016. And during this rental Party “A” have given some materials as mentioned in attached list for Party “B” use in rental period.

Article 2       Rental Cost / Deposit payment

2.1       The monthly rental will cost US$ 3000 (Three thousand US dollar) starting from: 15 May 2018 To: 15 June 2018. Party “B” is allowed to enter and starting or manage progressing and decor in house from 15 May 2018 onward. 

2.2         On the signing date on this contract, Party “B” is required to a make the advance deposit for 03 months ( = US$ 3000 x 3 = US$9,000) and this deposit will be installed until at the end of the contract or will be used for deducting on expense or repairing to the damage of the house and materials caused by Party “B during his staying.

2.3       The remaining budget after deducted on repairing/fixing or expense to the damages, Party “A” must return to Party “B”.

Article 3:      Party “A”’s responsibilities    

·      Party "A" guarantees that land and house is absolutely their own property, not involved in any others individuals.

·      Party “A” allowed Party “B” to enter and starting decor ,additional construction to the building, installed the materials due to his legal business requirement and suitable to the construction techniques that did not disturb to the neighbors.

·      Party “A” has duty make easy with the problems occurred such as water system , water pipe…,  but Party “B” will meet cost of these problems.

·      Party “A” is responsible for paying government taxes related to this rental property.

·      Party “A” has the right to terminate the contract before dateline, in case of Party “B” failed to Pay the monthly rental cost in 01 month.

·      Party “A” guarantees for completely rental period of 03 years, In case of contrary, Party “A” must pay the compensation by 4 times of the deposit payment to Part “B”.          

Article 4       PARTY “b”’s responsibilities  

·       Progressing of premise decor and additional construction on the rental building and connection of the materials to meet requirement of Party “B”’s legal business and suitable to the construction techniques that did not disturb to the neighbors.

·       Party “B” is responsible for paying any variety government business tax.

·      Party “B” is responsible for paying the monthly payment rental every months, by not exceed on the 5th of each month as specified in Article 02 above.

·      Party “B” is responsible for paying his daily utilities such as electricity, water supply, related to his own staying and agreed to respect all rules of environmental and city cleaning.

·         Party “B”’s business must be legal, he is not allowing to causes any disturbs to the neighbors, he cannot, under any circumstances, use the property for illegal purposes such as: drug and human trafficking or human forbiddance and illegal gambling that contravene laws. Party “B” shall responsible for any problems happening and face with law.

·      If the above these problems happening, Party “A” has the right to terminate the contract and Party “B” will be lost the deposit payment.

·      Fire accident caused by Party “B” negligence, Party “B” is responsible for repairing or replacing as its normal state.

·      Party “B” could not rent to house to the other third party, unless with the priority notify writing agreement of Party “A”.

·      Party “A” will be in charged for any damages or broke of the building cause by its old age, and Party “B” is responsible for repairing as normal for any damaged building causes by his/her mistakes and his own negligence.  

Article 5       The contract implementation :

·          This contract will be entered into validity and effective after signing date by both parties.

·         At the termination of the lease, Party “B” will return all materials as specified in Article 01 in this contract to Party “A” ( in the inventory list). Exception of any other materials that is installed to run his business by Party “B”, and he is responsible repairing the damages of materials that happening during his staying in good condition for Party “A”.

·         If Party “B”  intends to terminate the contract before date, he must notifying to Party “A” in writing at least 02 months prior to the expiry date of the lease, and, Party “B” could return his materials that he installed on the building during he was running business, unless he has already completely paid for all the variety expenses related to his own business and others his/her own expenses during his rental and Party “A” will be retained the 03 months deposit paid by Party “B”. 

·      Sale of the property by Party “A” during the period of the lease transfers the Terms, Conditions and Articles of the rental Agreement to the new owner of the property.

Article6        DISPUTE SOLUTION

·     In case of any disputes occurred during the implementation the contract, both parties must compromise about the conflict by standing basis on the Articles meanings of this contract.

·         In case of both parties could not compromise, both parties will be sent the dispute to the court by abide/follow to all the meaning in this contracts and under the law of Kingdom of Cambodia. 


This agreement has been discussed with the approval of both parties. All the terms, conditions and Articles of this Agreement have been explained in detail and have been fully understood by both parties and agreed to make thumbprint by both sides.  

Article 8          Copies of the Agreement

True Copies of this Agreement have been made in Khmer (3 copies) and English (3 copies).  These copies, despite being written in two languages, have equal meaning and equal legal validity.  Copies of the Agreement have been lodged with the following individuals:

- For Party “A”………………………………...01 Copy

- For Party “B”………………………………...01 Copy

- Witness………………………………………01 Copy