Hotel lease agreement form


(For professional: legal)
Between the two sides signed the following:
Phal host represented by Arunnotey massage  (Arunnotey Spa) as a written authority photocopy offers comes with housing No. 38 Tapul village church Tapul Commune Svay Siem Reap, holding identity card number 0696398 represent hotel owners hire named the Hotel (Sen Sok Hotel) located at No. 38, the village church Taphul  city of Siem Reap.
Calls in this Agreement, "the parties

JohnThierry Lawyer Pick residential stay 305 EUR 3 Pasteur Street shopping district capital holders 04AE.
This contract calls "rent parties" other side,
1. approved the following contracts:
Through professional framework contract: the "party host" rent "rent parties" who are willing to rent a place following the building owner.
2. Notes Place:
Rent a 4-storey building and a diving pool, No. 38 Taphul  Village Khum Svay Siem Reap district.
Area construction which may have been the size of about 381.48 m2 and construction that made of brick tiled old about 2 or 3 years, and, like the construction of these have followed reality and no exceptions or save the right to use what, and "parties rent" has announced that familiar place rents had seen personally to make this contract. Hotels, diving pool and related land is on the map comes with notes and signed by both parties.
3. The lease term
The current rental lease agreement between the two sides in the last 5 years, starting from 01 June 2015 until 1 June 2020 and continue if the parties agree.
However, the two sides can further lease agreement when it expired lease rental parties or party to party building owners prior notice to the other party through the normal mail or registered mail at least 12 months before termination, and discuss terms.
4. The burden and conditions
- Rental obligations sides
The current lease agreement are willing to rent burden and general conditions to the willingness of "Rent" and duty performance as follows:
1. The rental will get hired anywhere in the state had seen in days not claim at any time or in any excuse to fix or improve or rent discount.
Before going in the house, the two sides need to log on movable Majesty improve home state and home state, such as Cameroon, paint, doors, windows, Signed acknowledging both sides.
2. "rent parties" to do well all the construction work at his expense to appropriate to the Sanitation Ministry ordered local authorities and other orders, except for major construction Trojans such wall, which is the duty of the landlord.
Summary "rent parties" to fulfill the obligations imposed on authorities that its business activities with no interruption or "host side" have a concern or responsibility. Moreover, the parties pay for fire insurance on the building lease rent.
3. The possibility of "host" or representative can come in to rent at any time, provided that there is a long advance 7 days to see the condition of the house and other vehicles equipped house.
4- and decorations equipped permanent place rented the movable goods equipment worth enough to ensure regular price of rent and the implementation of conditions other plans in this contract later complete the contract, "the parties hire" have a right taken away materials that it has equipped.
5. receive damages buildings by the master of the parties hire agreed decided to repair expense directly on "the parties hire" a repair is necessary, which is a burden sides hired only when the party failed to make repairs to on time as well as can not duck compensation or discount wages were not related to business activities, except land tax, a charge party hosts.
6. The charge paid by the direct expense of other taxes or municipal sanitation services.
7. not make noise calm or safety and survival of the neighbors, although business activity or during delivery and of its staff under ...
8- to pay regular direct fire does not claim to be the master of reason caused by the lack of fire, although it caused star.
9. The authorization of the competent ministries to doing business if this procedure is legal provisions are not the landlord is responsible.
- Obligation to host parties
1. The landlord must provide a copy of the title and guaranteed rental for parties not to a third party or any successor’s uninterrupted use of the rental place.
2. Before place tenants host parties must ensure that the elevator works properly as well as documents related to the safety elevator was given rental parties.
3. The party host was handed to the parties hire bill fire building lease for rental expenses are the responsibility of the parties during the lease.
5. the sale of lease rights
Parties tenants can sell the right to lease, according to a profile written must be approved as written about the inn-party hosts to keep business activities not only change, however, is also party to the lease must guarantee to pay a deposit fee of 4 months, other additional on Margin before the contract if the parties buying the right to lease has not paid, but are party to rent gets paid instead until the end of lease.
6. continue leasing
Parties rent possible lease continued only 4th floor of the building lease, even through orally or through written or to the other person had the clause next lease continue original a copy be provided in the rental party hosts, not for remuneration.
7. Business activities
Host parties and rent parties have agreed that the lease rental is home to hotels, restaurants, sports activities, exercise and activities closely related and complementary activities means that the continued activities of the contract allowed.
8. Fares
The current lease fees per month 2.800USD (two thousand eight hundred United States dollars), which is defined as the Real exchange rate market in payment. Wage payments made annually beginning not to exceed 1 week. In the 1st login is June 2012. The parties building owner was willing to not take wages 1 this month after July August September October (4) months following the parties building owner asked the parties to hire total loss earlier in the day the contractor totaled all 11.200USD (a navigation of one thousand two hundred dollars American).
9. Margin for guarantees
Parties rent paid earlier during the signing of the contract, the amount of money deposited 22.400 USD (two Murphy two thousand four hundred dollars American) equivalent value wages 8 months to ensure the implementation to better the conditions of the current contract by the parties hire. However, this deposit is not money to be paid to parties hired by the landlord. Packages contracts Margin setting for the payment of wages for the last period of the contract.
10. The dissolution of the contract
Failure to pay the fees for 3 months or in a clause that does not respect the verses of this contract, and one month of hosts restricted as written terms through mail, which is party to the landlord confirmed the willingness and the current user clause, but no effect was lease is dissolved immediately full.
Things are chaotic insecurity cannot run business contract is terminated automatically rental parties are not responsible, even if the damage caused by the incident, and Margin cannot be revoked.
If any party does not respect contracts Margin benefit of the other party.
11. The return home
Before leaving home rental lease sides need to show documents to host parties that it had to pay regular bills and other taxes, the fire.
Parties must return home rental home in a situation which is maintained by the parties not normal rental shortage induced repair rental parties about the use of this otherwise be paid to the host side repair expense.
12. Contract law
Decree Law tradition Cambodia is the current management contract.

13. Expenses and stamp
Stamp price contracts and cost of the contract was paid by the two sides respectively. The two sides agreed to take international business offices and litigation number 305 Pasteur Street 3 new neighborhood market Daun to this contract.