Buy sell land agreement form


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National Religion King

Contracts to buy and sell land
The contract between General Cambodia Advisor Identification Number .18.. heritage institutions landlord-party vendors will "," Cambodia Advisor to identify institutional buyer .18120.. Heritage party called "B".
The two sides have agreed to buy land. As defined by the following clause:
One thing: the parties "," has agreed to sell the land to party "B" a size of 433 square meters set by parcel number. Write 002586 dated August 14, 1995 letter of credentials, real estate holdings, which strips 75 proprietary registered number 0413442
Dated 01 April 2008.
Article Two: The sale of the purchase price to sell off some $ 145,000.00
(Fourteen-five thousand US dollars only).
Article three: two sides "b" sides agreed to pay to buy land "" through the following stages:
1. Once signed between the seller will buy side "B" give a number
$ 35,000.00 (twenty-five thousand US dollars only).
2. When the receipt is a registered mark owned property
        -Party system "B" was delivered while the remaining $ 110,000.00
        (Eleven thousand dollars only) rounded to $ 145,000.00
(Fourteen only twenty-five thousand US dollars) of silver sold off to the side "B".
Article Four: If the parties "," does not respect this contract such as the switch to not sell the land back
Parties "," must pay $ 10,000.00 (ten thousand US dollars only), including deposits in compensation.
Clause Five: Parties "A" promised and transfer the name to belong to the party to "B" in the first 3 months after-party "B" deposit sides "A" will not give receipts and file ownership sides to "B" for 3 months this party to "A" to build a total of $ 10,000.00
(US dollars only) as well as in the deposit.
Article six: the parties "," file transfer official documents and comes with a receipt note issuance and ownership of Ownership
The name of the party to "B".

Article Seven: The party "B" was paid after-party "," hand over documents not pay enough
In Prague 1, $ 3,500.00 (three thousand US dollars only) is owned by the parties "."
Article Eight: Any other commissions and expenses related to receipt from ownership
Buyers are the responsibility of the parties "."
Article Nine: The two sides agree to the terms of this contract. The two sides must resolve disputes based on discussions

Siem .................................
Parties "," Witness 1 Witness 2 sides "B" buyers